The Ultimate Marketing Bundle


Ready to quickly create your complete, 12-month marketing strategy—without hiring or relying on generic advice irrelevant to your scientific field?

The marketing templates you need to go from ZERO (or bits and pieces that don’t fit together) to an entire year’s worth of strategic marketing planned out.

Ideal for smaller to mid-sized companies that lack the budget to hire an agency or employee, but STILL need to gain attention and results.

With this template bundle, you will be able to:


  • Organize loose ideas and wishful thinking into an ACTION PLAN
  • Fill in any gaps with specific ideas, examples, and ideas you may not have thought of yourself
  • Have all the tools and materials to IMPLEMENT your strategy in order to gain visibility, generate leads, and drive revenue – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant, employee, or intern

(Note: You can implement much of this on day one!)

Have you ever spoken with a new prospect, shared your pitch deck, or posted a company announcement on LinkedIn, only to find…


…your business getting completely ignored?


We have seen this happen time and time again with our clients. All scientific businesses, all with super-innovative and valuable products and services.

Common concerns include:

“I don’t know how to explain my product/service so that they “get it.”

“I’m ready to shamelessly promote my company but don’t have the bandwidth.”

“I get overwhelmed by the 1000 different things I could do to market my company.”

With limited resources, you end up staying:

  • Quietly behind the scenes
  • Watching inferior competitors steal the limelight
  • Losing out to other companies for a solution you can deliver better, more efficiently, to a higher quality

The good news is, you don’t need to stay hidden or let marketing overwhelm hold you back.

It’s time to kick-start your path toward a fully planned out next 12 months with all the marketing templates you need to get there.


Who are we?

Meet Jen & Erica

The ultimate marketing bundle was created after hearing repeatedly from our clients that marketing in the sciences is OBJECTIVELY harder - and there are few cost-effective resources out there to help.

That's why we created the ultimate marketing bundle! It's just one part of Life Science Growth Intensive, our online training and coaching program.

We are Erica Sosnowski, Managing Partner of Sosna + Co,  and Jennifer Andrews, CEO of FreshLeaf Marketing. With science degrees and dual MBAs, we together bring over 30 years of experience in multiple life science categories, including senior corporate roles in marketing and business development.

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What People Say About Working With Us

- Mike Foorer, Vice President, Business Development & General Manager, AmacaThera

"I highly recommend Jennifer and Erica. Together, [they have] put together a fantastic "boot camp" covering business development and marketing for scientist-entrepreneurs having to quickly adapt to running a business. The educational program that they have put together is a missing piece of what is needed to support the growth of the life science ecosystem in Canada and around the world."

Mihai Anghel, Business Development Director, IntelGenx

"I attended a two-day Life Science Growth Intensive session and was greatly impressed with [Jennifer and Erica's] presentation skills and ability to credibly and authentically convey the information presented. I found them to be highly knowledgeable, and making great use of a plethora of digital tools and marketing concepts. I would strongly recommend  to anyone seeking to build and improve their personal or company brand."

About our LinkedIn guide

About our brand messaging guide

How are these templates different from other resources online? Our materials are:

Customized to the unique needs of scientific companies

You won’t get content this customized from any accelerators, incubators, business coaches, etc. Wherever possible, we include detail (specific event names, tools common in our industry, topic ideas, LinkedIn strategies, and lots more.)

Available in a bundle so that you have EVERYTHING you need

All the resources you require to plan an entire year’s worth of marketing. Yes, you can buy items individually a la carte, but we know you will eventually need it all – hence the convenient bundle with cost savings.

Ready to implement on day one

No more endless planning and strategizing, roundabout discussions with your team. With our bundle, you'll have everything you need to kick-start your next 12 months of marketing right away. Plus, all the templates support BD efforts as well.

No fluff or generic, longwinded filler

Our templates are practical, concise, and free of fluffy or trendy strategies for irrelevant industries or business types. It's customized to scientific fields, yet leaves room for you to add specifics about your company and expand on any areas you wish, such as certain services or markets.

Built-in ideas & examples

Wherever we can, we give MORE than just the blank template. In many sections, you’ll find pre-filled examples from real companies and industries (no confidential detail, but enough to show you the way). You can take or leave as much or as little as you want.

Beautifully designed yet unique enough to stand out

Our templates aren’t boring, black-and-white Word documents! They are beautifully designed, customizable, and editable in a variety of file types.

Ideal for internal AND external use

Suitable for internal use with your team, but visually appealing enough to share with your advisors, executive team, potential investors, potential customers.

Customizable and editable in multiple file types

Available as customizable, editable files in a variety of file types (Word, Excel, Canva, fillable PDFs, PowerPoint, and more.


Remind me, what files does the templates bundle include?

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