The Essential Business Development & Marketing Framework for Life Science Leaders

In this group program, you'll create a powerful, actionable framework to attract lucrative partners and clients and grow your life science business.



Science is complicated. Growing your business doesn't have to be.

Building a thriving business is a challenge in any industry. But when you come from the life sciences, communicating the value of a complex business–in a way your audience will notice and care about–is that much harder.

That’s why we created a program designed specifically for the unique challenges life science leaders like you face.

Through our signature framework, we’ll show you how to hone a compelling message, attract big-ticket clients, and close lucrative deals.

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Meet Your Instructors

Erica Sosnowski & Jennifer Andrews

With parallel careers from science to business, plus 5 degrees and 25 years of experience between us, we have been helping life science companies grow since 2009. For the past 5 years, we've been running successful consulting businesses of our own - Erica on the BD side, Jen in marketing. Now, we’ve come together to bring a powerful set of skills and expertise in marketing and business development to help you, life science leader, put out a compelling message, hone your marketing and prospecting approach, and attract the big-ticket deals you deserve.

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Our Mission

As scientists, our goal is to get scientific innovations into the marketplace. As business owners, our goal is to deliver impact and profits. Our mission is to help you excel at both science and business more efficiently, cost-effectively, and quickly.


Attract quality opportunities and more lucrative deals for less time and money than hiring an employee (or pricey agency).

Through this intensive, you will:
  • Discover our signature framework for identifying lucrative partners and clients
  • Craft a compelling message
  • Build your strategy and clarify your milestones
  • Collaborate with like-minded industry stakeholders at the same stage of the business journey
  • Create a robust target list laser-focused on your business goals
  • Receive hands-on help from both business development and marketing angles - customized to the unique needs of your business

5 Training Modules

Outlining the framework and concepts, to be completed on your own time (block off 30 minutes per day for 5 days!)

5 LIVE group sessions

Led by Erica and Jennifer to tailor what you've learned to YOUR business in an interactive group format (1 hour each)

Individual Hands-On Time

With Jennifer and Erica to workshop ideas and provide additional support laser-focused on your business (1 hour per company)

Templates & Resources

Ready-made, fillable documents to chart your progress (no need to prep anything in advance!)


No fluff, no “shiny objects,” no general filler.

While there are programs available for business owners (many of which you may have invested in already), conventional accelerators and consultants don’t typically understand the depth and nuance of your industry and business model.

This leads to advice that:

  • Is too general or fluffy or textbook

  • Is delivered by generalists with no experience in scientific sectors

  • Does not apply to your niche audience

  • Is too focused on “shiny objects” and trends

  • Fails to consider the scientific language and mindset of your ideal customer

  • Forgets that you need to drive monetary results in terms of real opportunities and deals (not just “likes” and “reach”)

These are tools and strategies you won’t get from general business groups, masterminds, webinars, academia, business coaches, management consultants, or even accelerators and incubators.

Life Science Growth Intensive

Course Modules - What You'll Learn

Create a powerful, actionable framework–in an expedited time frame–to attract the right partners and clients, build a robust target list, and secure lucrative deals to grow your life science business.

1. Set Your Strategy

Strategy is everything. Gain the clarity you need to define the market, assess the competition, and most importantly map out a feasible, executable strategy.

2. Clarify Your Message

Learn how to simplify your marketing message and create a full set of brand messaging that will form the basis of every business development interaction.

3. Map Your Success Milestones

Create the materials you need and choose the marketing activities that will drive toward your goals - no filler or trends needed!

4. Build Your Target List

Build and maintain your list of target companies along with the specific actions you'll take to reach them.

5. Close the Deal

Learn how to craft a lucrative deal, nurture your network, and where to go from here to ensure success.


How do I know this program is right for me?

This program is a GREAT fit for you if:

  • You lead or are in a senior position at a business within the life sciences, including biotech, nutrition, pharma, med device, equipment, food, and more
  • You have a product or service company
  • You’re ready for the next level of growth but are being pulled in a million directions
  • You’re eager to attract more of your ideal customer or partner
  • You feel like your message is falling on deaf ears
  • Marketing “tips and tricks” don’t actually move the needle for you
  • You know the value of your business but have a hard time getting others to understand
  • You are prepared to invest $5K in a powerful intensive program that will generate results
  • You’re available for the live video sessions

This program is NOT a fit for you if:

  • You’re JUST starting your business and aren’t sure what you offer and to whom
  • Your annual revenue is less than $100K
  • Your business is outside the sciences
  • You offer marketing or BD services or are an agency
  • You aren’t open to feedback, collaboration, or outside ideas
  • You want a quick fix or magic pill
  • You’re willing to learn but not act on advice and strategies
  • You’re not open to trying new things
  • You’re impatient for results
  • You don't have the resources or team to implement what you've gained
  • You’re not financially ready to invest $5K in your business
  • You’re unavailable for the live video sessions

What Our Clients & Network Have to Say

"Jennifer is very knowledgeable, responsive, very communicative and possesses a rare combination of great marketing experience and science background, which makes any collaboration seamless and any discussion very easy."

- Laurent Balenci, COO, Kondor Pharma

"Bringing Erica on to accelerate our business development efforts was an excellent— and
easy—decision. ... As a CEO, having a team you can trust that is truly competent and dialed-in is invaluable."

- Ed Cox, CEO, Dthera Sciences

"Jennifer delivers quality workshops with professionalism and care. She offers a good balance of theory and practical applications and examples and has a positive, engaging, and interactive delivery. A true professional."

- Lalit Guglani, Manager, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Centennial College Centre of Entrepreneurship
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$5,000 USD

One-Time Fee

The Life Science Growth Intensive is a two-week group program with online course modules (week one) and LIVE sessions (week two). It includes:

  • 5 online training modules, to be completed on your own (block off 30-60 min per day!)
  • 5 LIVE, interactive small-group sessions, led by Erica and Jennifer (1 h each)
  • 1:1 hands-on time with Erica and Jennifer to workshop ideas, provide customized support, and discuss anything else holding you back (1 h per company)
  • Resources, templates, and guides for each stage of the framework

The program is intended for organizations, not individuals, as a company investment in strategy, BD, and marketing.


1:1 Pricing

Working with Erica and Jen one-on-one on an ongoing basis costs $10K-$15K per month. Individual BD and marketing projects start at $10K. We currently have waiting lists for new clients.

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