$4,999.00 USD

Life Science Growth Intensive: Premium Course, Coaching & Full Templates Library

 In this program, you'll create a powerful, actionable framework to attract lucrative partners and clients and grow your life science business.

Gain visibility, attract quality leads, and grow your business for less time and money than hiring.

 Through this program, you will:
  • Discover our signature framework for attracting the right audience & ideal customers/partners
  • Craft a compelling company message that stands out, is better remembered, and more likely to convert
  • Build your 12-month marketing and business development strategy and clarify your milestones
  • Create a robust list of leads and prospects to nurture and convert into customers (or partners or investors - whatever your aim)
  • Receive hands-on coaching help from both business development and marketing angles - customized to the unique needs of your business